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Short description of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Invasive Aquatic Plant Program (CAES IAPP), and a link to invasive plant identification workshops and volunteer lake monitoring information.

Program Information

Contains a more detailed description of the Invasive Aquatic Plant Program, and contains the following links:

      Program Goals

      Lakes Surveyed

      Request a Survey (Request a survey of your lake or give us management

      information about your lake.)

      Legislation (Contains information on the Connecticut Invasive Plants Council

      and banned aquatic plants.)


Survey Results

Contains the result summaries, maps and individual lakes results.  Each individual lake page contains a species map, transect data and water data.  This page also has a link to tables with the common names of plant species found during the surveys.

Control Studies

Contains information on the invasive aquatic plant control studies conducted by the Invasive Aquatic Plant Program, including the biological control study.  This page also includes control studies publications.

Plant Information

Contains Connecticut invasive aquatic plants descriptions, and a link to information about

molecular identification of these plants.


Contains publications from the Invasive Aquatic Plant Program.


Lists categories of external links:

    1.  Invasive Aquatic Plant Information

    2.  Lake Management and Problem Prevention

    3.  Lake Monitoring

Contact Us

Lists the program team and their contact information.