Posotopaug Lake
Pocotopaug Lake, East Hampton
Pocotopaug Species Map

2006 Aquatic Plant Survey map of Lake Pocotopaug

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   Lake Pocotopaug is a large, 511 acre lake in East Hampton, CT. Our August 2006 survey found very few plants.  Very heavy development along the shoreline without buffer zones keeping nutrients out of the water may contribute to the large amount of algae in the water, which lets in no light for the growth of vascular plants. Residents claim that there is a large catfish population.

   Only two species of plants were found; Vallisneria americana - located in the smaller of the two southern-most inlets and Najas flexilis found in the same inlets as well as in a cove further to the southeast.

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Species recorded in our 2006 survey of Lake Pocotopaug. Click on plant to view herbarium mount. (Invasive species in bold).

Najas flexilis

Vallisneria americana

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