Alternatives to Insecticides

Farmer/Scientist Conference
Alternatives to Insecticides for Managing Vegetable Insects
New Haven, CT

Conference Sponsors:
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut
Northeast Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Clinton S. Roberts Foundation

Participant List:
Myra Bonhage-Hale
La Paix Farm, Alum Bridge, WV
Speaker, Evaluation of Five Organic Techniques on Controlling Flea Beetles on Kennebec Potatoes and Best Bug-Outs from West Virginia
La Paix Farm website
Report on SARE project "Scaring off the white-tailed deer"

Jude Boucher
University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service, Vernon, CT
Moderator, Corn session
University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management Program website:

Kathy Caruso
Upper Forty Farm, Cromwell, CT
Moderator, Beans and Mexican Bean Beetle session

Eliot Coleman
Farmer, Harborside, ME
Speaker, A History of the Idea that Healthy Plants are Resistant to Pests
Website for his books, "Four Season Harvest," and "The New Organic Grower"

Eva Cuadrado
Guilford, CT
Moderator, session on crop diversity and biological control

Dr. W.H. Day
USDA Beneficial Insects Laboratory
Newark, DE
Speaker, Current Status of Biological Control of the Tarnished Plant Bug in NE Alfalfa, and Research on Extension of this Method to Other Crops
Website for the Beneficial Insects Research Laboratory
Profile of Peristenus digoneutis, parasitoid of tarnished plant bug

Bill Duesing
Old Solar Farm
Oxford, CT
Speaker in final review session

Dr. George Elliot
Dept. of Plant Science, U-67
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT
moderator, Biological Control session
Website at University of Connecticut

Aaron Gabriel
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Hudson Falls,
moderator, session on Solanaceous Crops and speaker in final review session

Steve Gilman
Ruckytucks Farm
Stillwater, NY
Speaker, Bio-strip Intercroppping at Ruckytucks Farm
Website describing and giving ordering information for his books on Community Supported Agriculture

Walter Greist
Mill River Valley Gardens
North Haven, CT
moderator, session on Cabbage Family, and Specifically, Flea Beetles

Jake Guest
Killdeer Farm
Norwich, VT
Speaker, Tarnished Plant Bug

Wayne Hansen
Wayne’s Organic Garden
Oneco, CT
Moderator, Potato Leafhopper session

Ruth Hazzard
Dept. of Entomology-West
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA
Speaker, Integrating Microbial Insecticides and Oils into Sweet Corn IPM
University of Massachusetts Vegetable and Small Fruit Website

Elizabeth Henderson
Peacework Farm
Newark, NY
Speaker, Pests and Peacework, and in final review session
Website for her book, "Sharing the Harvest"
Keynote address to the Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference

Dr. Michael Hoffmann
Dept. of Entomology
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Speaker, Biological Control: Past, Present & Future; Biological Control of European Corn Borer in Sweet Corn with Trichogramma ostriniae; Integrated Pest Management for Cucumber Beetles, Biological Control of Tomato Fruitworm with Trichogramma Wasps
Website for New York State Vegetable Integrated Pest Management Program
Website to order his book "Natural Enemies of Vegetable Insect Pests"
Website for report to SARE on Sustainable Management Tactics for Cucumber Beetles in Cucurbits
Profile of Trichogramma ostriniae, parasitoid of European corn borer

Carol Holko
Maryland Department of Agriculture
Annapolis, MD
Speaker, Biological Control of Mexican Bean Beetle from the Farm to the Garden
Website on Biological Control of the Mexican Bean Beetle

Bambi Jones
Hidden Valley Farm
Alna, ME

Michael Keilty
Maple Spring Farm
Morris, CT
Speaker, Biodiversity in Farm Vegetable Production: Sustainable Agriculture Practices
Website for his conference on Alternative & Herbal Livestock Health Conference

Joan and Tom Kemble
Glastonbury, CT 06033-4030
moderators of session on Tarnished Plant Bug and final session on review of conference

Dr. William Lamp
Dept. of Entomology
Univ. of Maryland
College Park, MD
Speaker, Potato Leafhopper
Website at the University of Maryland

Steve Mong
Farmer, Stow, MA
Speaker, Corn Earworm and other Challenges of Growing Corn Organically

Bryan O’Hara
Tobacco Road Farm
Lebanon, CT
Speaker, Squash Vine Borer Control with Cotton Row Cover
Website for his SARE report on Row covers and the squash vine borer

Cass Peterson
Flickerville Mountain Farm and Groundhog Ranch
Warfordsburg, PA
Speaker, Insect Habitat on a Diversified Farm
Website profile of her farm

Dr. Sharad Phatak
Dept. of Horticulture
Coastal Plain Experiment Station
Tifton, GA
Speaker, What Growers Can Do to Enhance Biological Control of Insects
Website Tifton Campus, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, University of Georgia
Biological control as a component of sustainable agriculture

Dr. Larry Phelan
Department of Entomology
OARDC, Ohio State University
Wooster, OH
Speaker, The Relationship between Soil-Management History and Corn Susceptibility to Pests
Website Ohio State University Department of Entomology

Emily Brown Rosen
Organic Materials Review Institute, NJ
Speaker, Insect Control Strategies Used by Organic Farmers in New Jersey

Eero Ruuttila
Nesenkeag Coop Farm
Wilton, NH
Speaker, Harvesting Greens as a Strategy to Control Squash Bugs ( Anasa tristis) and Living Straw Mulch for Suppression of Colorado Potato Beetle
Website including report to the Organic Farming Research Foundation on Living Straw Mulch for Suppression of Colorado Potato Beetle

Eric Sideman
Maine Organic Farming and Gardening Association
Augusta, ME
Speaker, Strategies and Tactics that Work in Maine
Website for Maine Organic Farming and Gardening Association

David Stanley
IPM Consultant
Belchertown, MA
Speaker, Wild Predators Feeding on Two-Spotted Spider Mite in Eggplant

Dr. Kimberly Stoner
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
New Haven, CT 06504
Conference Coordinator, Editor of Proceedings
Speaker, What Do We Know about Flea Beetles? and Experiments with Using a Parasitic Wasp for Biological Control of Mexican Bean Beetle on Snap Beans
Website for The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Lee Warren
Thankful Circle Farm
Killingworth, CT
Moderator, session on The Effects of Plant Health and Soil Health on Susceptibility to Pests

Chris Worden
Guilford, CT
Moderator, Strategies and Tactics Currently Used by Organic Farmers