Brij L. Sawhney


Brij L. Sawhney

Department of Soil and Water
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
123 Huntington Street
P.O. Box 1106
New Haven, CT 06504

B.S., Panjab University (India), 1951
M.S., Panjab University (India), 1953
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1958

Station Career:
Assistant Soil Scientist, 1962-1964
Associate Soil Scientist, 1964-1967
Soil Scientist, 1967-1997
Soil Scientist Emeritus, 1997-present

Past Research:Formation and weathering of soil minerals and their interactions with radioactive pollutants.

Current Research:Reactions and movement of inorganic and organic pollutants in soils and ground water.

Selected publications available from the author

  • Sawhney, B.L. 1985. Vapor-phase sorption and polymerization of phenols by smectite in air and nitrogen. Clays and Clay Minerals 33:123-127.
  • Sawhney, B.L. 1989. Movement of organic chemicals through landfill and hazardous waste disposal sites. In Reactions and movement of organic chemicals in soils. Soil Science Socity of America, Madison, Wis. Special Publication no. 22. p 447-474.
  • Sawhney, B.L., G.J. Bugbee, and D.E. Stilwell. 1994. Leachability of heavy metals from growth media containing source-seperated municipal solid waste compost. Journal of Environmental Quality 23: 718-722.
  • Sawhney, B. L. 1996. Sorption and desorption of organic contaminants by clays and soils. In Organic Pollutants in the Environment (Sawhney. B.L., Editor). The Clay Mineral Society, Boulder, Co. p 45-68.
  • Sawhney, B. L. and S. S. Singh. 1997. Sorption of atrazine by Al- and Ca-saturated smectite. Clays and Clay Minerals 45: 333-338.