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The Experiment Station Associates was founded in 1990 to support the work of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and make its research programs and many services better known. The Associates assist at such Station events as Plant Science Day and the Spring Open House.  They also organize informative field trips and produce a news bulletin covering the Station's scientific activities.  

The Associates currently have more than 250 members.  Members are invited to field trips, Station events, and the Annual Meeting, at which Station scientists speak about their research and recent developments. New members are always welcome.

ESA Website www.agstationfriends.org

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For more information, contact the Experiment Station Associates, President
at pres@agstationfriends.org or info@agstationfriends.org.  
Experiment Station Associates
P.O. Box 6093
Wallingford, CT  06492

Executive Committee

President: Skip Hobbs, pres@agstationfriends.org

Vice President: Edward Walsh, vp@agstationfriends.org

Treasurer: Barbara Yaeger

Secretary: Ellie Tessmer

Director (CAES): Dr. Theodore G. Andreadis
Office Secretary:  VACANT

Past Presidents:  Barbara Yaeger, Anne Rowlands, Will Rowlands, Richard Bergmann, Pamela Weil, Otto Schaefer, James Bush, Edmund Tucker, M. Stewart Ramsay, John Lacadie, and George Whitney

Mailing Address:  Experiment Station Associates, P.O. Box 6093, Wallingford, CT 06492

ESA Tour
Members of the Experiment Station Associates pose after an insiders' tour of three Connecticut wholesale nurseries.  Article on ESA trip (PDF Format)