Emergency Regulation: Smaller Japanese Cedar Longhorn Beetle, Callidiellum Rufipenne

(Public Hearing has been held on March 12, 1999 on a permanent regulation. Currently under review)

The regulations of Connecticut State Agencies are amended by adding sections 22-84-5a through 22-84-5c inclusive as follows:

(NEW) Section 22-84-5a REGULATED ITEMS. Regulated items are Arborvitae (Thuja), Juniper (Juniperus), Cedar (Chamaecyparis), and Pine (Pinus) trees, and raw wood products, including cut logs, infested by all living stages of a longhorned beetle (Callidiellum rufipenne).

(NEW) Section 22-84-5b SURVEY AND ERADICATION PROGRAM IN INFESTED AREAS OF CONNECTICUT Nursery stock and other regulated items shall be examined by state inspectors or other persons authorized by the Director of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Upon discovery of living Callidiellum rufipenne, state inspectors shall quarantine regulated items and survey public and private areas surrounding the initial point of infestation to determine the extent of the insect pest’s geographic distribution. Infested trees or other regulated items shipped into Connecticut may be returned to the point of origin by the Connecticut receivers at the shipper’s expense or, upon direction by authorized state officials, may be ordered destroyed by incineration, burning, burial or other approved methods or treated by acceptable procedures without expense to or indemnity paid by The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station or the State of Connecticut. When infested regulated items are received by state inspectors or authorized persons for the purpose of destruction, a certificate shall be given to the owner of said regulated items indicating the number of trees or amounts of regulated materials surrendered by the owner.

(NEW) Section 22-84-5c. RECORDS OF INFESTATIONS IN CONNECTICUT. The Office of the State Entomologist at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, 123 Huntington Street, P.O. Box 1106, New Haven, Connecticut 06504-1106, shall maintain records of survey results and a list of towns where infested regulated items have been found. This list shall be available on request.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. To adopt regulations prohibiting the movement of living longhorned beetle (Callidiellum rufipenne) or infested nursery stock, cut logs, or other raw tree products and to eradicate infestations of Callidiellum rufipenne in regulated items.