Fuel cells from Connecticut powered technologies on NASA's Apollo and Space Shuttle missions since the 1960s. Today, the state is one of the global centers for green energy innovation.

Industry Facts

  • Connecticut is a global leader in fuel cells, named a “Top 3 State” by the U.S. Department of Energy (State of the States: Fuel Cells in America, 2016)
  • The 600+ companies in Connecticut's fuel cell and hydrogen supply chain realized $726 million in revenue and investment in 2015. (State of the States: Fuel Cells in America, 2016)
  • Connecticut ranks 5th in the nation in total fuel cell patents. (Clean Energy Patent Growth Index, 2015 Year in Review)
  • Connecticut is home to the nation’s first green bank. The Connecticut Green Bank accelerates green energy adoption by making green energy financing accessible and affordable for homeowners, businesses and institutions.
  • Connecticut has 23,000 homes with solar PV amounting to nearly 175 MW of clean energy capacity (Connecticut Green Bank)