Members of the public may watch the following parole and pardons hearings via video feed (Click here for instructions. The video will be available for viewing after the hearing as long as the link is posted on the website). Hearings start at 9am unless posted otherwise. Click on the below links to watch hearings on:

October 4th, 2023:

Absolute Pardon Hearing starts at 10:00am - R#2.


All hearings will be conducted as MS Teams or Zoom Virtual Hearings and streamed LIVE on this website as well. Please check back periodically for updates and links. Please refresh or switch your web browser if the links are not working.

Parole Hearing and Public Act 15-84

Parole hearings in accordance with Public Act 15-84 began in June of 2016. These hearings take place at 55 West Main Street in Waterbury, CT, with all inmates appearing via video from the correctional facilities listed on the Board’s docket. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public access to these meetings is available only via the video link found on the homepage of this website; links to view the hearings will be posted the morning of the hearing date.


15-84 Public Hearings  Calendar Year 2023

Background & History

The State of Connecticut’s Public Act 15-84 Bill came following several Federal Court decisions related to the 8th Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment and juvenile life sentences without the possibility of parole, with specific reference to Graham v. Florida (2010) and Miller v. Alabama (2012).

See Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP): An Overview (Josh Rovner, The Sentencing Project, May 2021)

Connecticut Implementation

Public Act 15-84 implemented the following:

  • Retroactively eliminated life sentences for capital felony murder, arson murder, and convictions for murder with special circumstances for offenders who were under 18 when they committed their crime(s).

  • Required courts to consider the mitigating factors of youth when sentencing a child whose case has been transferred to adult criminal court and has been convicted of a class A or B felony.

  • Established new parole eligibility for offenders who:

    • Committed a crime(s) while under the age of 18,

    • Were incarcerated on or after October 1st, 2015, and

    • Received a definite sentence or a total effective sentence of greater than 10 years in prison

      • Offenders serving a prison term of 50 years or less are eligible for a parole hearing after having served 12 years OR 60% of their sentence, whichever is greater.

      • Offenders serving a prison term greater than 50 years are eligible for a parole hearing after having served 30 years.