Due to public health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as well as Governor Lamont’s Executive Order, the Board’s offices at 55 West Main Street are currently closed to the public (Click here for DAS Visitor Policy) . Parole Release and Revocation hearings conducted by video-conference will continue as scheduled during normal business hours until further notice. Members of the public may access the following parole hearings via Teams Live Event video feed (Click here for instructions. The video will be available for viewing after the hearing as long as the link is posted on the website). Hearings start at 9am unless posted otherwise. Click on the below links to watch hearings on:

November 26th 2021:

PO Meisinger Revocation Hearing - R#1 .

PO Vazquez Revocation Hearing -R#3 starts at 8:00am .

All hearings will be conducted as MS Teams or Zoom Virtual Hearings and streamed LIVE on this website as well. Please check back periodically for updates and links. Please refresh or switch your web browser if the links are not working.

Parole Hearing and Public Act 15-84

Parole hearings in accordance with Public Act 15-84 will begin in the month of June of 2016.  They will be held at either Carl Robinson Correctional Institution, MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution, or York Correctional Institution.

Anyone wishing to attend these parole hearings must get clearance from Department of Correction personnel in advance. It is advised that any person wishing to attend a hearing arrive at the facility 30 minutes prior to the start of the hearing. The docket for each hearing can be found on this website under the heading Hearings/Meetings once posted. Posting occurs no later than (14) fourteen calendar days prior to the actual hearing.

Criteria for attendance:

  • Application: An individual applying for admission to a correctional facility to attend a public meeting shall submit his/her name, date of birth and contact information (phone number or email address) in writing to the Department of Correction (DOC) administration. This can be done via fax or email and it must be received by the DOC administration at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled hearing date. The purpose of providing this information is for a required background check to be conducted. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a denial of admission to any hearing.
    • Please make contact with the:
    • Department of Correction, Office of Public Information
    • Application to gain entry can be faxed to (860) 692-7783 or emailed to DOC.PIO@ct.gov
    • For general information: (860) 692-7780
  • Identification and Inspection: Upon arrival at the facility, an individual authorized to enter the facility to attend a public hearing shall provide proper identification to include a driver's license or similar valid photo identification card. Prior to entry into the secure area of the facility, the individual shall be subject to a visual and electronic search. Articles, including but not limited to cell phones, pages and electronic devices in an individual's possession shall not be allowed into the secure area of the facility unless previously authorized by a DOC facility staff member.

Printable Instructions for Public Access to 15-84 Hearings

15-84 Public Hearings Schedule Announcement


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