Contract Number  Vendor Subject End Date

FIS RFP 11232021 | Fiscal Intermediary Services

The State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services (DSS), Department of Developmental Services (DDS), and Department of Aging and Disability Services (ADS) are seeking proposals from Fiscal Intermediary vendors to administer fiscal intermediary services for specific programs within each of the three Departments. There shall be an optional, virtual RFP conference on:12/1/2021; 10: 00 am -12: 00 pm There is a MANDATORY Letter of Intent due on: 12/6/2021

Start Date: Nov 23, 2021
End Date: Feb 10, 2022

 Current Agency Contracts
17SDR6201SL  Morrow Consulting  Administration - Consulting & Training 6/30/20
17SDR621AS Allied Community Resources, Inc. Administration - Fiscal Intermediary 9/30/20
14SDR6202OLA1 AgoraNet, Inc. Assistive Technology 9/30/20
17SDR6202OE Connecticut Institute for the Blind Assistive Technology 9/30/20
17SDR6002CD Western CT Area Agency on Aging Assistive Technology 9/30/20
18SDR6201AC   Ability Beyond Disability, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6203GY  Change Incorporated Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6212OE Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201HT Disabilities Network of Eastern CT Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201IQ Easter Seals Capitol Region & Eastern CT Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201LD Goodwill of Western & Northern CT Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6203AO Independent Living Solutions Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201TO New Opportunities Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201VL Project Genesis Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201XQ Southeastern Employment Services, LLC Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201OY The Kennedy Center, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6202AL Transitional Employment Unlimited, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201ES Viability, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
17SDR6202HD CT State Independent Living Council Connecticut State Independent Living Council 9/30/19
18SDR6303FW Amato, M.D., Peter Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302OI Bennett, M.D., Anita Boyd Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303EU Bovino, M.D., Erica J. Disability Determination  12/31/19
18SDR6203GH Bridgers II, M.D., Samuel Disability Determination  12/31/19
18SDR6302QL Brown, M.D., Adrian C. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301AI Carlson, M.D., K Woodworth, d/b/a Behavioral Health Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301GY Connolly, M.D., Joseph Patrick Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303GS  Corrigan, M.D., Margaret Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301GJ Coughlin, M.D., Barbara Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301PY Fadakar, Psy.D., Pamela Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303GG Fine, M.D., Alan Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301LA Golkar-Sisani, M.D., Firooz Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301MK  Harvey, M.D., Lindsay Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303GF Kaplan, M.D., Keith Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302PV Leveille, Psy.D., Christoper C. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301QF Lorenzo, M.D. Maria Lourdes Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302PS Nitto (Leveille), M.D., Michelle Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301PU Papantonio, M.D., Richard L. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302ZN  Psychological Health & Development Associates, LLC Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301WI Rogers, Ph.D., Kelly F. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302WE Sells, Psy.D., Cory B. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301YZ Sutton, Ph.D., Robert G. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302LC Uber, Ph.D., Susan R. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302AE Wurzel, M.D. Lois Gitlin Disability Determination 12/31/19
19SDR6201QB ARC of Litchfield County, dba LARC Employment Opportunities Program 12/31/21
10SDR6201BF  Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) Employment Opportunities Program 12/31/21 
19SDR6202QW  Capitol Region Education Council Employment Opportunities Program 12/31/21 
19SDR6201DH  Center for Advocacy Research & Ed of CT Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 

Chapel Haven Schleifer Center

Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6203DS  CMPerry Vocational Training and Counseling Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201GQ  CW Resources Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201JE  Employment Options, LLC Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201KB  ARC of Farmington Valley (FAVARH) Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201IL  Goodwill Industries of Southern New England Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201QZ  Marrakech, Inc. Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201RT  Midstate ARC, Inc. Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201TW  Northwest Placement Service Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6203HD  Russ McDaniel Carpentry Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201XA  Seabird Enterprises, Inc.  Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201XC  Sharp Training, Inc. Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201YO  Star, Inc. Lighting the Way Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6202BK  Vista Life Innovations Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
17SDR6201HU Access Independence, Inc. Independent Living Center 9/30/19 
17SDR6201HT  Disabilities Network of Eastern CT, Inc. Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201LI Greater New Haven Disability Rights Activists Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201DI Independence Northwest Center for Independent Living Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201NW  Independence Unlimited, Inc. Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201AC Ability Beyond Disability Industry Specific Training & Placement


16SDR6201ACA1 Ability Beyond Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6203CT Alternative Services-Connecticut, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201GQA1 CW Resources, Inc Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
164ESH-SDR-05  Easter Seals Capitol Region & Eastern CT, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201IL Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Rehab Center Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201IN Easter Seals of Greater Waterbury Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR201LDA1  Goodwill of Western & Northern CT, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6203DLA1 Human Resources Unlimited Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201OMA1 John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201OYA1 The Kennedy Center, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201OZA1 Marrakech Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6202WT   Mental Health Connecticut Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201TOA1 New Opportunities, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6202WS Prime Time House, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6211VLA1 Project Genesis, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201QNA1 Capitol Region Education Council Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201QXA1 Southeastern Employment Services, LLC Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6211QB ARC of Litchfield County, Inc. d/b/a LARC Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6202AW United Services, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201ESA1 Viability, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21