Contract Number  Vendor Subject End Date
Current Agency Contracts
17SDR6201SL  Morrow Consulting  Administration - Consulting & Training 6/30/20
17SDR621AS Allied Community Resources, Inc. Administration - Fiscal Intermediary 9/30/20
14SDR6202OLA1 AgoraNet, Inc. Assistive Technology 9/30/20
17SDR6202OE Connecticut Institute for the Blind Assistive Technology 9/30/20
17SDR6002CD Western CT Area Agency on Aging Assistive Technology 9/30/20
18SDR6201AC   Ability Beyond Disability, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6203GY  Change Incorporated Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6212OE Connecticut Institute for the Blind/Oak Hill Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201HT Disabilities Network of Eastern CT Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201IQ Easter Seals Capitol Region & Eastern CT Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201LD Goodwill of Western & Northern CT Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6203AO Independent Living Solutions Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201TO New Opportunities Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201VL Project Genesis Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201XQ Southeastern Employment Services, LLC Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201OY The Kennedy Center, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6202AL Transitional Employment Unlimited, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
18SDR6201ES Viability, Inc. Community Rehabilitation Services 8/31/21
17SDR6202HD CT State Independent Living Council Connecticut State Independent Living Council 9/30/19
18SDR6303FW Amato, M.D., Peter Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302OI Bennett, M.D., Anita Boyd Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303EU Bovino, M.D., Erica J. Disability Determination  12/31/19
18SDR6203GH Bridgers II, M.D., Samuel Disability Determination  12/31/19
18SDR6302QL Brown, M.D., Adrian C. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301AI Carlson, M.D., K Woodworth, d/b/a Behavioral Health Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301GY Connolly, M.D., Joseph Patrick Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303GS  Corrigan, M.D., Margaret Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301GJ Coughlin, M.D., Barbara Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301PY Fadakar, Psy.D., Pamela Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303GG Fine, M.D., Alan Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301LA Golkar-Sisani, M.D., Firooz Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301MK  Harvey, M.D., Lindsay Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6303GF Kaplan, M.D., Keith Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302PV Leveille, Psy.D., Christoper C. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301QF Lorenzo, M.D. Maria Lourdes Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302PS Nitto (Leveille), M.D., Michelle Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301PU Papantonio, M.D., Richard L. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302ZN  Psychological Health & Development Associates, LLC Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301WI Rogers, Ph.D., Kelly F. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302WE Sells, Psy.D., Cory B. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6301YZ Sutton, Ph.D., Robert G. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302LC Uber, Ph.D., Susan R. Disability Determination 12/31/19
18SDR6302AE Wurzel, M.D. Lois Gitlin Disability Determination 12/31/19
19SDR6201QB ARC of Litchfield County, dba LARC Employment Opportunities Program 12/31/21
10SDR6201BF  Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) Employment Opportunities Program 12/31/21 
19SDR6202QW  Capitol Region Education Council Employment Opportunities Program 12/31/21 
19SDR6201DH  Center for Advocacy Research & Ed of CT Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 

Chapel Haven Schleifer Center

Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6203DS  CMPerry Vocational Training and Counseling Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201GQ  CW Resources Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201JE  Employment Options, LLC Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201KB  ARC of Farmington Valley (FAVARH) Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201IL  Goodwill Industries of Southern New England Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201QZ  Marrakech, Inc. Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201RT  Midstate ARC, Inc. Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201TW  Northwest Placement Service Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6203HD  Russ McDaniel Carpentry Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201XA  Seabird Enterprises, Inc.  Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201XC  Sharp Training, Inc. Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6201YO  Star, Inc. Lighting the Way Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
19SDR6202BK  Vista Life Innovations Employment Opportunities Program  12/31/21 
17SDR6201HU Access Independence, Inc. Independent Living Center 9/30/19 
17SDR6201HT  Disabilities Network of Eastern CT, Inc. Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201LI Greater New Haven Disability Rights Activists Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201DI Independence Northwest Center for Independent Living Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201NW  Independence Unlimited, Inc. Independent Living Center 9/30/19
17SDR6201AC Ability Beyond Disability Industry Specific Training & Placement


16SDR6201ACA1 Ability Beyond Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6203CT Alternative Services-Connecticut, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201GQA1 CW Resources, Inc Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
164ESH-SDR-05  Easter Seals Capitol Region & Eastern CT, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201IL Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Rehab Center Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201IN Easter Seals of Greater Waterbury Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR201LDA1  Goodwill of Western & Northern CT, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6203DLA1 Human Resources Unlimited Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201OMA1 John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201OYA1 The Kennedy Center, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201OZA1 Marrakech Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6202WT   Mental Health Connecticut Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201TOA1 New Opportunities, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6202WS Prime Time House, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6211VLA1 Project Genesis, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201QNA1 Capitol Region Education Council Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201QXA1 Southeastern Employment Services, LLC Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6211QB ARC of Litchfield County, Inc. d/b/a LARC Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6202AW United Services, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21
16SDR6201ESA1 Viability, Inc. Youth Employment Program 1/31/21