photo of smiling woman at desk

Lucretia was born with Stargardt’s disease. Her eye doctor advised her to contact BESB for assistance, where she became a VR client. A successful volunteer experience led to a paid internship at Neighborhood Housing Services of New Britain (NHSNB). Although there were no employment opportunities available when the internship ended, as a result of the professionalism, work ethic, and enthusiasm she had displayed during her internship and volunteer experience, Lucretia was hired when a position became available and she is now working as a full-time Housing Assistant.

The NHSNB Finance Director refers to Lucretia as “Our Person of 1st Impressions!!” based on her caring, calm demeanor and personable attitude when dealing with clients. Lucretia is very grateful for the services that she has received from BESB VR, which included job placement services, low vision aids, rehabilitation technology, and adaptive equipment which she depends upon to help her successfully perform her job.