Deaf Blind Advisory Board Regulations

  • Sec. 10-295-1. Use of funds
  • (c) Advisory committee: There shall be an advisory committee to assist the board of education and services for the blind; and all major policy and planning issues will be reviewed with the committee before implementation. The committee shall hold at least four regular meetings annually with the provision for special meetings if necessary.
  • Official membership on the committee shall include: from the board of education and services for the blind-an administrator, a board member, and the agency coordinator; a representative of Oak Hill School; from the department of mental retardation-representatives from the central office, Southbury and Mansfield; a representative from the commission on the deaf and hearing impaired; a representative from the New England regional center; and one-third of the members shall be parent representatives (including at least one Southbury and one Oak Hill parent). Appropriate consultants will be invited including the American Foundation for the Blind and the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults.