When Worrying Gets You Down

A Story About John
  • John lived with his mom and dad. Then he moved to a group home. 
  • Now he worries a lot about moving.
  • When someone new comes to visit, John runs to his room. 
  • John is afraid that visitors will make him move away.
  • He asks his support staff over and over again,  “Do I have to move?”
What is anxiety?
  • Anxiety is another name for worry. 
  • You have anxiety, if you are worrying about something that is:
    • New to you,
    • Hard to learn or do, or 
    • A problem in your life. 
Woman Stressed
What is stress?
  • Stress happens when you are upset or afraid.
  • You feel stress when you think there is something to fear or be upset about.
  • A person, place or situation can cause you to feel stress.
  • Things that cause stress for you may not cause stress for someone else.
Worrying can be good or bad.
  • A little stress or worry can help you work harder to do your best.  
  • Too much worrying can make you sick.
  • Too much worrying can get in the way of your everyday life.
 Stress can make your body feel bad.
  • People react to stress in different ways.  
  • Some people get a headache.
  • Some people get stomach aches.
  • Some people feel their heart beat very fast.
What do worry and stress feel like?
  • You might feel:  
  • Tired a lot of the time
  • Hungry all the time
  • Clumsy
  • Scared 
  • Unhappy
What do worry and stress feel like?
  • You might have: 
  • Sweaty hands
  • Trouble sleeping
  • A dry mouth
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Shakes and shivers
  • Tight or sore muscles
Medicine can change how much you worry.
  • Some medicine helps people worry less.
  • If you can’t stop worrying, your doctor might give you  medicine to help.
  • Some medicine makes people worry more.
  • Ask your doctor if the medicine you take might make you worry.
How can you deal with worry?
  • Here are some healthy ways to deal with worry and stress: 
    • Eat a healthy diet
    • Don't eat too much
    • Get enough sleep
    • Exercise regularly
    • Spend time with friends
    • Do things for fun
How can you deal with worry?
  • Here are some healthy ways to deal with worrying and stress:
    • Don’t drink coffee or soda with caffeine
    • Avoid alcoholic drinks
    • Don't smoke or use drugs
    • Learn ways to relax like:
      • Deep breathing
      • Yoga
Call your doctor if you:
  • Can’t do anything but sit and worry
  • Think about hurting yourself 
  • Feel afraid for no reason repeat an action over and over again, like washing your hands
Call 911 if you:
  • Have sharp chest pain
  • Have a hard time breathing
  • Feel like you are going to faint
Remember to take it easy and relax!
  • Relaxing helps keep you from worrying.