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The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Advocates' Corner provides information and resources to Connecticut Citizens with intellectual disabilities, their families and professionals.  This website focuses on, self advocacy, independent living, employment and health and safety for consumers.

The department’s mission is to join with others to create the conditions under which all the people we serve experience:

• Presence and participation in Connecticut town life
• Opportunities to develop and exercise competence
• Opportunities to make choices in the pursuit of a personal future
• Good relationships with family members and friends
• Respect and dignity.

DDS Self Advocate Coordinators have kindly defined what the DDS Mission means to them.

Ocean with Lighthouse 

Presence and participation in Connecticut life

“Everyone has the ability to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. Giving of ourselves helps us to establish a sense of belonging and identify in our own community. Being part of Connecticut town life/Community means, we are equal citizens and have the opportunity to be employed, own our own home, and be involved in all aspects of our town including voting for the people representing us. We want to be a part of our community so we can share and make a difference.”

Opportunities to develop and exercise competence

“We want opportunities to learn and do!”

Opportunities to make choices in pursuit of a personal future

“We have the right to choose our lifestyles, our careers, our friends, and to have positive people around us who support our dreams, goals, and ambitions.”

Good Relationships with family members and friends

“We want to have healthy and safe relationships that support us in every part of our lives. Friends and family are very important and they assist, strengthen and secure who we are and who we want to be. We want support and acceptance to build our own families and leave a mark on the world.”

Respect and dignity

“Everyone has the right to be treated as human beings with respect and dignity. We want to be respected not judged. We understand that we learn from life and that we need to have the right to the dignity of risk. Having control over our lives means we take the responsibility that comes with it. Being respected means others listen to us and understand that we are in control of our own lives.”