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Catalog of IRS Exempt Organizations Products & Resources

IRS Charities & Non-Profit Homepage

Contains helpful tools and products for charities and non-profits. Recently revised, the site is easy to navigate using its A to Z Site Index and has a host of valuable information for exempt organizations. In addition, you will find the EO Select Check  tool that allows you to search, sort, select and check information on exempt organizations.

IRS Free e-Newsletter

Subscribe to EO Update, the free IRS electronic newsletter that offers information for

tax-exempt organizations and tax practitioners. EO Update keeps readers up-to-date on newsworthy topics about exempt organizations. All information contained in EO Update

can be replicated in your newsletters and on your websites.

EO Calendar of Events

The IRS offers specialized education programs to help exempt organizations understand their tax responsibilities. These programs include webinars, phone forums, introductory workshops for small and medium-sized 501(c)(3) organizations, as well as exempt

organization conferences sponsored by the IRS.


IRS Video Portal

The portal archives IRS webinars and phone forums on issues and topics that are important to the tax-exempt community.

IRS Life Cycles Tool

The Life Cycles describe five key IRS interaction points during the lifetime of a typical exempt organization. The stages include starting out, applying for exemption, required

filings, ongoing compliance and significant events.

IRS StayExempt Website

This free, interactive, educational website offers 21 online courses, including how to apply for tax-exemption and how to avoid losing your tax-exempt status. It also includes a well-stocked Resource Library.