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2023 Primary Election Results to be Audited at Selected Polling Locations

(Hartford, CT) – Today, Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas randomly selected nine precincts from the September 12, 2023 primary election to have their machine totals audited. There were also five alternates chosen in case the selected precincts cannot be audited for any reason.

State law requires that five percent of all voting precincts have their machine totals audited following any election or primary. There were 180 precincts that held a primary election on September 12, 2023. In each municipality where there is an audit, the town clerk conducts a random drawing to select the offices on the ballot that will be subject to the audit.

Upon completion, the University of Connecticut, The Secretary of the State’s Office, and the State Elections Enforcement Commission will analyze audit results, after which they will be made available to the public.

List of polling places to be audited:

Middletown – District 6 – Snow School
New Haven – District 13 – Benjamin Jepson Magnet School
Brookfield – District 2 – Brookfield High School
New Haven – District 17 – Firehouse Woodward
Bridgeport – District 135-3 – Park City Magnet School
Hartford – District 14 – Environmental Sciences Magnet School
Brookfield – Central Count Absentee Ballot Location – Town Hall
Hamden – District 5 – Board of Education Building
New Haven – District 4 – Truman School Gym


Bridgeport - District 132-1 – Central High School
Hamden – District 8 – Bear Path School
Norwalk – Central Count Absentee Ballot Location – Norwalk City Hall
Hartford – District 5 – United Methodist Church
Hartford – District 4 – Hartford International University for Religion and Peace


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