November 2nd, 2021 Agenda - Council Meeting

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Social Equity Council | Full Council Meeting

Meeting Date and Time: November 2nd, 2021, 10:00am -11am

Meeting Type: Special Meeting of the Social Equity Council
Meeting Location: Legislative Office Building (LOB), Hearing Room 1D 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

Chair: Andrea Comer


CT-N  streamed the meeting.  To view, visit: - for this specific link: 



1) Call to order and welcome

2) Attendance


3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (10/5/2021)


4) Committee Reports Only

  • Finance Committee                                               Christine Shaw, Chair
  • Governance Committee                                       Ojala Naeem, Chair
  • Outreach Committee                                            Marilyn Alverio & Subira Gordon, Co-Chairs
  • Policy Committee                                                   Edwin Shirley, Chair
  • Workforce Committee                                         Kelli-Marie Valleries, Chair

5) From the Executive Director                                             Ginne-Rae Clay, Interim Executive Director    

6) Presentation I                                                                           Scheril Murray Powell, Esq.


7) Presentation II                                                                         Rick Garza, Colorado


Mr. Garza will give a snapshot of what the adult use market looked like in Washington when it first began.  Namely, he will speak to the volume of applicants and how Washington initially experienced over-saturation of the market, had to stop accepting applications, and how over-saturation can stymie opportunity.  (Note:  after talking to Mr. Garza, it is believed CT is going to see a significant volume on the application front.) 


8) Public Speaking - Members of the public that wish to address the Social Equity Council my participate in the public speaking period must do so in person and sign up before 9:50 A.M.

  • Members of the public must state their name and address for the record.
  • Members of the public will be given three (3) minutes per person for question/comment and response from the Council
  • Public comment period will be at 30 minutes minimum on this date 

9) For the Good of the Order – New Business, Updates and Information

10) Adjourn

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