May 11th, 2023 Agenda - Reinvestment Committee

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Social Equity Council | Reinvestment Committee

Meeting Date and Time: Monday, April 26th, 2023, 3:00 PM

Meeting Type: Special Meeting of the SEC Reinvestment Committee
Meeting Location: Virtual TEAMS Meeting

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AGENDA (draft)

1. Call to Order and Welcome Ojala Naeem, Co-chair
2. Attendance Ojala Naeem, Co-chair
Minutes Approvals                                                                                                         Ojala Naeem, Co-chair

3/20/2023 , 3/24/2024, 3/27/2023 , 4/3/2023, 4/24/2024, 4/26/2023

4. Grant Making Partners discussion – Executive Session                                   Ginne-Rae Clay, Executive Director
Executive session to review and discuss applications/proposals in connection with the
Notice of Availability of Funding Application for Community Reinvestment program. 

5. Appropriations Meetings Updates Ginne-Rae Clay, Executive Director
6. Reinvestment Committee Recommendations  Ojala Naeem, Co-chair 
7. For the Good of the Order – New Business, Updates, and Information Ojala Naeem, Co-chair
8. Adjourn Ojala Naeem, Co-chair



Co-chairs: Ojala Naeem, Avery Gaddis
Members:   Andrea Comer, Corrie Betts, Avery Gaddis, Subira Gordon, Michael Jefferson, Ojala Naeem, Paul O. Robertson


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