December 7th, 2021 Press Release

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Social Equity Council | Press Release

For Immediate Release:

December 7th, 2021


Social Equity Council Approves Ownership and Control Requirements, Social Equity Plan Criteria and Workforce Development Plan Requirements

The Council will vote at a future meeting to finalize Income and Residency Requirements for Social Equity Applicants


The Social Equity Council today approved ownership and control requirements, social equity plan criteria and workforce development plan requirements.


The Council also voted to approve income and residency documentation requirements for social equity applicants and cannabis businesses hoping to operate as Equity Joint Ventures, contingent upon the Council’s approval of an implementation plan for the accelerator and technical assistance programs, which will provide important business support to potential applicants.


“This Council has put in a great deal of work over the past few months researching best practices and listening to the community to create fair and equitable criteria and requirements. These criteria are intended to support and encourage the participation of social equity applicants in the adult-use cannabis market,” said Ginne-Rae Clay, SEC, Interim Executive Director. “The vote today also signifies new career paths in and outside the cannabis market. Now it’s time to educate the public and help social equity applicants plan for success.”


“Today’s vote by the Council is an important step towards ensuring equity in the cannabis market,” said Andréa Comer, Chair of the Social Equity Council and Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Consumer Protection. “Now that the criteria are approved, we can focus our efforts to ensure the impacted communities have the information and support they need.”


The documents voted on by the Council, as well as a video of the meeting, are available on the Social Equity Council Website.


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Ginne-Rae Clay, MPA

Executive Director (Interim)

Office of the Social Equity Council


C: 860-543-3481