Bristol 24-0011

Case Number:


School District:

Bristol Public Schools (single student)

Grade Level:

Middle School


  • Failure to implement the IEP (34 CFR §300.17(d))
  • Mailing of IEP to parents within 5 school days after the PPT meeting (RCSA § 10-76d-13(a)(6))
  • PPT membership (34 CFR § 300.321)


  • The District was found in violation of 34 CFR §300.17(d) for failing to implement the student’s IEP
  • The District did not violate RCSA § 10-76d-13(a)(6)
  • The District was found in violation of 34 CFR § 300.321 when school based members of the PPT were included on the PPT meeting notice, but did not attend the meeting.

Corrective Action(s):

  • Compensatory services plan for the following:
    • 20 hours with a fluency specialist; and
    • 5 hours and 50 minutes of math services
  • Staff training regarding the requirements of 34 CFR § 300.321