Child Labor

What's Next

Informed Action

1. Have students investigate the use of child labor in the supply chain for making carpets. Use the Goodweave website for reference.

  • What strategies does this Non Governmental Organization use to advocate for child laborers?
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies: consider the impact on children as well as the role of the consumer.

    Students can share their research in a PSA or create a website to educate the school community.

2. Have students investigate a child labor issue here in the US or in other countries. Students can refer to the following websites for research:

Have students create a short film to share their research with the school and local community. The Robert Kennedy Human Rights organization has some suggestions of how students can proceed. Students can also compose an original song about a current child labor issue and share this with the school and local community. Speak Up Sing Out has some suggestions for students.