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State Department of Education Releases FAQ to Provide Clarity on Fall Framework and Assist with Local Planning

(Hartford) - The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) today released a Frequently Asked Questions’ document to provide clarification on a variety of topics outlined in “Adapt, Advance, Achieve: Connecticut’s Plan to Learn and Grow Together”, the framework for returning to school in the fall.

In response to ongoing discussions and engagement of its partners, including students, districts, educators, families, and advocacy organizations, the CSDE has compiled the FAQ to help answer outstanding questions about the plan and further guide planning at the local level. The guidance within “Adapt, Advance, Achieve” is intended to give general direction to all of Connecticut’s different and diverse school districts to afford them maximum flexibility in developing their own unique plan, rather than on overly prescriptive “one size fits all” model. Thus, additional questions specific and unique to any one district will require further cooperation and collaboration at the local level among members of a Reopening Committee, Superintendent and district leaders, educators, local public health officials, and Boards of Education.

The FAQ will continue to be updated as part of CSDE’s commitment to working collaboratively with public health and educational partners to provide support and resources to assist planning at the local level and providing education to all students in a way that is accessible, equitable and meaningful.


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