US Navy To Fund Replacement Pier At Subase New London
Sand and Gravel
November 4, 2016
Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-02) has announced that the US Navy has committed US$5.4 million for design and replacement of Pier 32 at Naval Submarine Base New London to better serve operational needs.
“The news that the Navy has committed US$5.4 million dollars to design a replacement for Pier 32 at SUBASE is just the latest positive news for the base,” said Courtney.
“SUBASE New London is a critical asset for the US Navy’s undersea fleet, and this commitment to upgrading the base’s infrastructure is a further demonstration of its value. I am going to work with the Navy and leadership at the SUBASE to ensure that these upgrades are carried out in the most efficient way possible to ensure that they address the changing needs of the submarine force.”
The funding supports planning and design work for a replacement of Pier 32, one of eleven currently operational piers at the installation used to homeport fifteen nuclear submarines. Additional funding is expected in future fiscal years to construct the replacement.
Additional upgrades to other piers may be needed to accommodate the new generation of Virginia-class submarines. Including the announcement, more than US$155 million in both federal and state funds has been invested in SUBASE since spring of 2014.
Courtney added: “This project also emphasizes the continued need for the designation of an eastern Long Island Sound placement site for dredged materials. According to the US Navy, the replacement of Pier 32 is one of several future projects that incorporate dredging at the base –which could face significant additional costs if the EPA’s proposed site off New London is not approved or blocked. I will continue to do all I can to ensure that this site is approved without delay for our region’s military and maritime needs.”
Last week, Courtney led a letter to the EPA, signed by the Connecticut and Rhode Island Congressional Delegations, urging approval of the proposed rule to designate a new Eastern Long Island Sound Dredged Material Disposal Site (ELDS).
Among the issues raised in the letter was the need to support military facilities like Submarine Base New London.