Admiral Signals Navy Desire To Sustain Attack Submarine Production Level
By John E. Mulligan
Providence Journal
March 7, 2012
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Navy's top brass signaled support on Wednesday for efforts to avoid the planned slowdown of attack submarine production two years from now.
Under questioning by Rhode Island Democrat Sen. Jack Reed, the chief of Naval operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert, said the Navy is "looking for any fiscal means" to avoid cutting the production rate of Virginia-class subs from two vessels in fiscal year 2013 to a single vessel in fiscal year 2014.
Greenert's statement, echoed in prepared testimony by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, could be a significant boost for Electric Boat, the lead contractor of the Virginia class. The shipbuilder is a lynchpin of Southeastern New England's economy.
President Obama recently proposed a one-year submarine production rate cut.