Outpatient Data Work Group

Goal:  To develop recommendations that address current obstacles to, and proposed requirements for, patient-identifiable data reporting in the outpatient setting and report on its findings and recommendations to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly relating to public health and insurance and real estate on or before February 1, 2012.

Background:  Section 19a-654 of the Connecticut General Statutes was amended by section 12 of House Bill 6308 and Section 143 of House Bill 6652 during the 2011 legislative session to require an outpatient surgical facility, short-term acute care general or children’s hospital, or a facility that provides outpatient surgical services as part of the outpatient surgery department of a hospital to submit to the office patient-identifiable data in the outpatient setting.

Issues to be examined:  Review of current billing systems utilized and their capacity to electronically report outpatient data, consideration of phased-in outpatient data submissions to ensure reliability, and review of federal coding changes and implementation of outpatient data reporting in other states.

Expected outcome:  Report submitted to General Assembly by February 2012 on submission of patient-identifiable data in outpatient setting. Progress reports submitted to DPH by Connecticut Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers until all ASCs are in full compliance in 2015 with the implementation of systems for outpatient data reporting.  Identification of specific data reporting initiatives.

Outpatient Data Work Group Final Report






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