Twelve Month Filing 2014

All Connecticut acute care hospitals are required by state law to file data with HSP on a twelve month basis.  The two filings for which HSP collects data are the Annual Reporting Filing due on February 28th of each year and the Twelve Months Actual Filing due on March 31st of each year.  Hospitals submit most of this data electronically into HSP's Hospital Reporting System (HRS) database.  A complete listing and description of each of the Annual Reporting reports is shown below:


Twelve Months Actual Filing Listing of HRS Reports

Report 100 - Hospital Balance Sheet Information

Report 150 - Hospital Statement of Operations Information

Report 165 - Hospital Gross Revenue, Net Revenue and Statistics by Payer

Report 175 - Hospital Operating Expenses by Expense Category and by Department

Report 185 - Hospital Financial and Statistical Data Analysis

Report 200 - Hospital Medicare Managed Care Activity

Report 250 - Hospital Medicaid Managed Care Activity

Report 300 - Parent Corporation Consolidated Balance Sheet Information

Report 350 - Parent Corporation Consolidated Statement of Operations Information

Report 385 - Parent Corporation Consolidated Financial Data Analysis

Report 400 - Hospital Inpatient Bed Utilization by Department

Report 450 - Hospital Inpatient & Outpatient Other Services Utilization & FTE Employees

Report 485 - Hospital Outpatient (OP) Surgical, OP Endoscopy & OP Emergency Room Services by Location

Report 500 - Calculation of DSH Upper Payment Limit and Baseline Underpayment Data

Report 550 - Calculation of DSH Upper Payment Limit and Baseline Underpayment Data

Report 600 - Summary of DSH Upper Payment Limit and Baseline Underpayment Data

Report 650 - Hospital Uncompensated Care

Report 685 - Hospital Non-Govt. Gross Revenue, Contractual Allowances, Accrued Payments & Discount %

Report 700 - Statistical Analysis of Hospital Revenue and Expense


Twelve Months Actual Filing Listing of Non-HRS Reports

Report 625 - Report of Independent Accountants on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures

Report 750 - Hospital's and Hospital Parent Corporation's IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax


To view the most recently completed HRS Twelve Months Actual Filings by Hospital, click on one of the links below:

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Hartford Hospital
Hospital of Central Connecticut
Johnson Memorial Hospital
Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
Manchester Memorial Hospital
Middlesex Hospital
MidState Medical Center
Milford Hospital
New Milford Hospital
Norwalk Hospital
Rockville General Hospital
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
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