What is HRS?

The Hospital Reporting System (“HRS”) is a web-based application that has been developed to assist Hospitals in the annual reporting of their financial operating results for the previous fiscal year in an efficient and effective manner. 

The two filings for which the Office of Health Strategy collects data are the Annual Reporting Filing due on February 28th of each year and the Twelve Months Actual Filing due on March 31st of each year. These filings mainly consist of system generated reports completed in the HRS portal. 

Some of the data that can be found in the reports are affiliate information, salary data, bed fund and charity care data, hospital and hospital parent corporation audited financial statement information, charges and payments information and utilization data.

Links to the Hospital Reporting System Portal:

To view Annual and 12 Month Filing reports in the HRS Portal without registering, visit the site*:


To view Hospital financial documents including Audited Financial Statements, Medicare Cost Reports, Officers and Directors, Uncompensated Care Policies, Charts of Organization, IRS 990s and other related documents in the HRS Portal without registering, visit the site:


Additional Information:

Additional information about the contents of the Annual and 12 Month Filing reports can be found here: Annual and 12 Month Filing Reports

*The data in both the Annual and Twelve Month HRS filing reports may change from the time it was filed until the filing is reviewed and considered complete by OHS staff.  If no filing is available to view it’s because changes are being made to the filing by the hospital.