Pursuant to Section 19a-634(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Office of Health Strategy shall maintain an Inventory of all health care facilities and services, as well as certain imaging equipment (MRI units, CT scanners and PET or PET-CT scanners). The 2022 Inventory will be released in late December 2022 through mid-2023 as separate Tables detailing the various health care facilities, services and imaging equipment in the State at this time. Below is listed each of these tables, which in their totality will represent the 2022 Inventory. Click on the hyperlinks for each table to access the 2022 Inventory information.
Table 1  Towns in the State of Connecticut (alphabetical order by County and Planning Region)
Acute Care General and Children’s Hospitals
Table 3   Acute Care and Children’s Hospital Service Lines
Table 4   Specialty Hospitals (Chronic Disease Hospitals, Hospice Hospitals, Hospitals for Mentally Ill Persons and Maternity Hospitals)
Table 5  In Patient Hospice Facilities (other than Hospice Hospital)
Table 6  Licensed Outpatient Surgical Facilities
Table 7 N/A - no Table 7
Table 8   Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanning Providers
Table 9   Computer Tomography (CT) Scanning Providers
Table 10  Positron Emission Tomography (PET & PET-CT) Scanning Providers
Table 11 Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Homes and Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision
Table 12

Residential Care Homes

Table 13

Assisted Living Service Agencies

Table 14

Home Health Care Agencies and Homemaker – Home Health Aide Agencies

Table 15

Mental Health Residential Living Centers

Table 16

Mental Health Community Residences

Table 17

Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics for Adults

Table 18

Mental Health Day Treatment Facilities

Table 19

Infirmaries Operated by an Educational Institution

Table 20

Facilities for the Care or Treatment of Substance Abusive or Dependent Persons

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Health Care Facilities Licensed by the Department of Children and Families

Extended Day Treatment Facilities
Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics for Children
Residential Child Caring Agencies and Facilities

Table 22

Facilities Operated by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Department of Children and Families

Table 23

Facilities Licensed as Outpatient Clinics

Table 24

Primary Care Clinics Operated by General Hospitals

Table 25

Primary Care Clinics Operated by General Hospitals – Service Details

Table 26

Satellite Locations for General, Children's and Specialty Hospitals (as listed on their hospital license)

Table 27

Dialysis Centers