Health Care Facilities and Services Plan 2014 Supplement 
The supplemental plan, like the 2012 Statewide Health Care Facilities and Services Plan, is intended to
be a resource for policymakers and those involved in the CON process. It presents information, policies and projections of need to guide planning for specific health care facilities and services. The primary focus of this supplement is to identify at-risk and vulnerable populations and to uncover areas of unmet health care need. It provides an updated analysis of inpatient bed need, an equitable measure to determine how the state’s inpatient acute care hospital beds are distributed and is helpful in identifying areas with unmet need.
The Plan incorporates available health care facilities and services utilization, outcomes and health status data and community health needs assessments (CHNAs) to identify geographic areas and population subgroups with potential unmet health care need. These data serve as a foundation for projecting future health care needs.
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