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(HARTFORD, CT) - On Monday, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz joined Town Manager John Elsesser, Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Petrone, Coventry Town Council Chairwoman Lisa Thomas, State Senator Jeff Gordon, and State Representative Tim Ackert to highlight $6.6 million in grant funding recently allocated to Coventry High School to support air filtration system upgrades.

“As we continue to take stock of the lessons learned throughout the past few years of the pandemic, we understand the need to make necessary upgrades in our schools’ infrastructure to ensure that our kids have a healthy learning environment,” said Lt. Governor Bysiewicz. “This grant funding is transformative for Coventry – when we invest in the wellbeing of our students, teachers, and schools, the returns on our investment will be seen for generations to come.”

“We’re thrilled to get this grant, as it will allow us to go beyond just replacement but also move towards vast improvement,” said John Elsesser, Town Manager. “We thank the Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the opportunity to not only enhance the learning environment but greatly improve school air quality to address student and staff health, and to improve energy efficiency.”

“In a small district like Coventry, this funding is going to go a long way. The learning environment in our classrooms are going to improve greatly. As you can imagine, replacing those old, noisy unit ventilators with up-to-date equipment that is much quieter is going to result in better learning for our students,” said Dr. Petrone.

"Speaking as a teacher myself, I can tell you I spent 32 years of my teaching career never being in an air-conditioned building. So, we’re very excited to see that changing, not just here in Coventry, but across the state,” said Council Chairwoman Thomas. “We are incredibly pleased to have received this grant funding – it's going to be life-changing here at our high school.”

“This is a great investment in the future, to make certain that we have upgraded HVAC systems. Not only do we ensure healthy environments to live, learn and work, but we also can save money in the long run,” said State Senator Gordon. “This is a win-win for Coventry, thank you to the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor.”

"When we think about being ‘shovel ready,’ - this is duct work ready,” said State Representative Ackert. “It’s a great investment. This is well needed in our community, and our school system. Thank you to the Superintendent, the Board of Education members, Governor and Lieutenant Governor for your efforts here.”

Coventry schools received the funding through the HVAC Indoor Air Quality Grants Program for Public Schools, a newly established state grant program that is providing funding to public schools throughout Connecticut to make upgrades to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
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