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Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz



(HARTFORD, CT) - Today, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz and Paradigm for Parity® (P4P) CEO Sandra Quince held a panel discussion with P4P member companies, Trinity Health Of New England, Raytheon Technologies, and Otis Elevator, to highlight the need to accelerate gender parity.

P4P is a nonprofit coalition of business leaders dedicated to addressing the corporate leadership gender gap. The coalition is made up of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members, and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in the corporate world: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity.

“The benefits of female leadership are clear. Companies with female CEOs and CFOs promote more social responsibility and produce superior stock price performance and profitability. However, women hold only 35 percent of top management positions, and less than 9 percent of leadership positions at our Fortune 500 companies – with less than 1 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs being women of color,” said Lt. Governor Bysiewicz. “Connecticut’s partnership with P4P has positively contributed toward clear progress in Connecticut, but we know there is still more work to be done. By adding more member companies to this already powerful coalition, our state can be a leader in accelerating gender parity.”

To accelerate the pace of gender equity in senior executive roles and on corporate boards, member companies follow the P4P 5-Point Action Plan. Based on extensive research and best practices, this roadmap is the first set of specific actions that, when concurrently implemented, will catalyze change, and enable companies to more effectively increase the number of women of all races, cultures and backgrounds in leadership positions.

"When women have equal access to education, employment, and leadership positions, they can fully contribute their talents and perspectives to society, creating a more inclusive work environment. Although progress has been made, Paradigm for Parity is committed to partnering with companies across the country to address the persistent barriers and biases that still exist. Lieutenant Governor Bysiewicz is a proven leader in this fight and her commitment to gender parity serves as a model for other leaders to follow,” said Paradigm for Parity® CEO Sandra Quince.

“At Trinity Health Of New England, we pride ourselves on our commitment to addressing the gender imbalance prevalent in corporate leadership positions and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Paradigm for Parity® movement and Lieutenant Governor to further these efforts. Gender parity in executive leadership brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the decision-making table, leading to more innovation and better outcomes. To advance gender parity, companies must commit to implementing policies such as pay equity and flexible work arrangements, providing mentorship and sponsorship programs for women, and proactively recruiting and promoting women – including women of color – into leadership positions. We thank the Lieutenant Governor and her team for the inspiring progress that has been made under their leadership,” said Carolyn Alessi, Regional Director, Community Health and Well Being, Trinity Health Of New England.

“There is infinite value in elevating women which is why we have forward-looking aspirations to dramatically increase opportunities for women in global leadership and executive roles across our organization. Women of diverse identities, including ethnicity, sexual orientation, and abilities, have unique perspectives, ideas and experiences that we need to tap into to drive change and help shape a better, more inclusive future,” said Tovahn Scott, Director, Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Raytheon Technologies.

"By providing more opportunities for women to develop and showcase their skills and talents, we create a more equitable and just society where women have an equal chance to succeed and lead. We are all thankful for the Lieutenant Governor’s leadership on these important issues and for giving us the space to have these critical discussions,” said Alecia Smith, Global Director, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Otis Elevator.

About Paradigm for Parity®

As a nonprofit founded by a group of women executives in 2015, the Paradigm for Parity® coalition supports its member companies around the world in achieving gender parity including racial equity in their corporate leadership within 15 years of joining the coalition. In partnership with member company executives and recognized experts, the organization develops and promotes actionable strategies that transform corporate culture, so that women of all races, cultures and backgrounds have equal power and opportunity.
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