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Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz



Tour highlighted new & exciting technologies to keep Connecticut’s roads safe & the importance of women in STEM fields

(HARTFORD, CT) - Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz was joined today by Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto and Lisa Conroy, Principal Engineer for the Division of Traffic Engineering to tour and learn about the innovation happening at the CTDOT Traffic Signal Lab in Rocky Hill.

The Traffic Signal Lab is currently testing a number of new and exciting technologies including Computerized Traffic Signal Systems to coordinate and optimize traffic operations along the state’s busiest corridors. Additionally, the lab is gearing up for the state’s deployment of the first American pilot of full-sized, automated and electric buses, which will include technology for adaptive traffic signal controllers.

“Every day, the folks here at the Traffic Signal Lab are responsible for keeping our roadways running safely and efficiently, helping Connecticut drivers get to where they need to go,” said Lt. Governor Bysiewicz. “Today’s visit – during Women’s History Month – also highlighted the need for more women in STEM fields to help make the innovations happening here at the Traffic Signal Lab possible. We know that diverse representation is good for innovation, good for business, good for communities, and good for the State of Connecticut. We have much to be proud of here at CTDOT, and we thank the Commissioner and the entire team for their ongoing efforts.”

“We have a lot of work that is done here at the Signal Lab. They're constantly looking at the data and making revisions on signal timing, which can actually reduce red light running by 50 percent, which will help reduce crashes, reduce injuries and save lives,” said Commissioner Eucalitto. “Jobs like this in the STEM field are vital to what we do in transportation every day.”

"While working with DOT I have felt respected and empowered. I believe that this is truly an organization committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels like they belong, and that they have a voice. Diverse workforces lead to innovation, a more engaged work culture and increased efficiency,” said Lisa Conroy, Principal Engineer, Division of Traffic Engineering.

The CTDOT Traffic Signal Lab is responsible for maintaining and monitoring Connecticut’s network of 2,549 traffic signals – more traffic signals than those owned by all other New England state DOTs combined.
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