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Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz


Lt. Governor Bysiewicz Applauds the Confirmation of Dr. Miguel Cardona as U.S. Secretary of Education

Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz today released the following statement after the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Connecticut Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Miguel Cardona as U.S. Secretary of Education.

“Miguel Cardona’s career and life exemplify the power of public education. Throughout his career as a public school educator and later as Connecticut’s Education Commissioner, Miguel has been a champion for inclusivity and equity. He’s worked tirelessly to lift up all students by working to close the opportunity gap, recruit more minority teachers, and encourage more young girls to pursue an education in STEM. And, he’s worked to broaden access to advanced-level courses and has ensured that all students have the resources needed to pursue a higher education. During an unprecedented public health emergency, Miguel created a blueprint for how to reopen our schools safely while protecting the health of educators, administrators, staff and students.

“As U.S. Secretary of Education, I know that Miguel will work hand-in-hand with state leaders to develop and implement policies that will allow schools nationwide to reopen safely. He’ll make sure that our nation’s education system gives every student the platform to achieve the American Dream, just like how he’s done here in Connecticut. Congratulations to Secretary Cardona! We could not be more proud to have you serve our state and country,” said Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz.
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Samantha Norton

Director of Communications