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Governor Lamont Announces $3.2 Million To Support Connecticut’s Housing Partners With Operating and Pre-Development Expenses

Pilot Program Will Assist in the Creation of More Affordable Housing Units in Connecticut

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont and Housing Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno today announced that the Connecticut Department of Housing is launching a pre-development pilot program that will provide $3.2 million to five Connecticut nonprofit housing agencies to support their operating and pre-development expenses.

The nonprofits include:

  • The Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc.;
  • The Mutual Housing Association of Southwestern Connecticut, Inc., d/b/a Connecticut Housing Partners;
  • The Mutual Housing Association of South Central Connecticut, Inc., d/b/a NeighborWorks New Horizon;
  • Sheldon Oak Central, Inc.; and
  • Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities, Inc.

Each agency will receive a pre-development loan in the amount of $500,000, except for Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities, which will receive $300,000. These agencies will also receive an operating grant in the amount of $200,000, except for Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities, which will receive $100,000, to assist with capacity building and operating expenses, which include administrative costs such as salaries, payroll taxes, and fringe benefits.

The awardees will be provided a working capital pre-development loan to fund eligible costs incurred in connection with certain pre-development activities in furtherance of a potential affordable housing project. These pre-development activities include completing feasibility, environmental review, architectural drawings, consolidated applications, and other pre-closing steps of the housing development process.

“Connecticut’s nonprofit housing agencies are valuable partners in our administration’s efforts to build more affordable housing and ensure that every community in the state remains a vibrant place to live and work,” Governor Lamont said. “Supporting these organizations will enable them to focus more of their efforts on their ultimate goal of ensuring that everyone has a safe place to live.”

“Our nonprofit developers are a vital part of the housing ecosystem,” Commissioner Mosquera-Bruno said. “They carry the important task of constructing and preserving our affordable housing stock, and in many instances, they provide property management, maintaining a development for as much as 30 or 40 years. As we continue our mission of increasing number of housing options and opportunities for residents of Connecticut, it is imperative that we help our nonprofit partners increase their capacity and continue to sharpen their skills in order to meet the housing need, and achieve the goals that Governor Lamont as set forth for my department.”

“Capacity building at its very basic level enables nonprofit organizations to develop skills that will make them more effective and sustainable,” Julie Savin, CEO of Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities, said. “We are grateful to Governor Lamont and Commissioner Mosquera-Bruno for creating this revolving pre-development loan pilot program. It is an invaluable by giving us the power to conduct the housing design and preconstruction activities necessary for the creation of desperately needed housing in Connecticut. Rental housing affordability has worsened dramatically over the past 15 years, and more families than ever are struggling to pay the rent and make ends meet post pandemic. Homeownership opportunities are out of reach for too many. To accomplish a vision of eliminating homelessness and housing insecurity, this funding injects the necessary capital needed by housing initiatives like ours that directly enriches the lives of Connecticut’s families.”

“We are happy to partner with the state to support this initiative in building much-needed affordable housing,” Renee Dobos, CEO of Connecticut Housing Partners, said. “Governor Lamont and Commissioner Mosquera-Bruno have shown great insight into the state’s needs and the economic impact that affordable housing provides to our economy. With increasing housing prices, increased food prices, and increased utility prices, the pressures placed on families is enormous. The demand for housing that is affordable for families is a growing need.”

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