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Governor Lamont Orders Executive Branch State Office Buildings Closed to the Public Tuesday Due to Winter Storm

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he is ordering all executive branch state office buildings closed to the public on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, due to the significant winter storm that is anticipated to impact certain areas of Connecticut throughout the day.

For the duration of this storm-related closure, the governor is directing that:

  1. All level 2 state employees whose job duties can be completed remotely should telework, or they may request use of accrued leave;
  2. All level 2 state employees whose job duties cannot be completed remotely should not report to work in-person; and
  3. All level 1 state employees should report to work as scheduled or directed.

Level 2 state employees include all of those who were previously designated as “nonessential” based on their respective job duties. Level 1 state employees are those who were previously designated as “essential.” The terminology used for these classifications was modified through an executive order issued in 2018.

The governor’s storm-related directive applies to executive branch state offices. Decisions regarding the operations of offices within the judicial and legislative branches are made by the leadership of those respective branches of government.

“This is shaping up to be a unique winter storm for our small state in that there will be big differences in snowfall amounts depending on where you are located,” Governor Lamont said. “Some towns may receive a significant snowfall total, while others may receive a fraction of that amount or maybe even just rain. Out of an abundance of caution, especially looking at the current rate of school closures and considering that we have state offices located in every region of the state and state employees who live in every region of the state, we are directing all level 2 state employees to stay home on Tuesday, and those whose job duties allow them to work remotely should do so.”

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