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Governor Lamont and Lt. Governor Bysiewicz Statements on the One-Year Anniversary of the Invasion of Ukraine

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont and Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz released the following statements regarding the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

Governor Lamont said, “This last year has been abhorrent for the people of Ukraine, and it is time for Russia to end this unjustified, unprovoked attack. The murder of innocent, unarmed civilians is disgusting and is a threat to peace across the world. The people of Connecticut continue to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians and pray for their safety as they endure this assault on their freedom. I applaud President Biden for leading the free world in sanctioning and punishing Russia for their aggression against a sovereign, democratic, and peaceful nation.

“Over this last year, the people of Connecticut have helped more than 700 Ukrainians resettle in our state, providing them with sanctuary and safe shelter while this brutal attack on their homeland continues. I welcome these evacuees with open arms, and I applaud the many organizations and people of Connecticut who have generously opened their homes and their hearts to those seeking refuge. Our state government will continue working with our federal, local, and nonprofit partners to ensure that all the necessary resources are available for those who have made the long trip from Ukraine to Connecticut. They are our allies.”

Lt. Governor Bysiewicz said, “This past year, the Ukrainian people have been faced with unthinkable and unrelinquishing tragedy. They have been displaced from their homes, lost loved ones, and seen their homeland crumble before their eyes. Despite their hardships, they have shown the world their strength, courage, and resolve. As a Polish American, I know well how Russian despots have tried to deprive the Polish people of their hard-fought freedom and democracy. I have been proud to be part of the Polish community in Connecticut that has supported humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. I join Governor Lamont and President Biden in staunchly and proudly standing with Ukraine.”

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