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Governor Lamont Applauds Final Passage of Climate Change Legislation Codifying Into Law His 2040 Zero-Carbon Target

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont is applauding the Connecticut House of Representatives for giving final approval today to legislation he proposed (Senate Bill 10) that will codify into state statutes the 2040 zero-carbon electric grid goal that he established through an executive order he issued in 2019.

The governor explained that codifying this target into statute is necessary to provide state policymakers and the electricity sector with a shared goal of fully transitioning the state’s electricity supply away from relying on natural gas and oil to power its electric grid. While Connecticut has already made significant progress in decarbonizing its grid, he said the state must accelerate that progress to do its part in mitigating climate change.

The House approved the bill today by a vote of 113 to 35. It was approved in the Senate on Tuesday by a unanimous vote of 35 to 0. Governor Lamont plans on signing it into law in the coming days.

“By codifying our zero-carbon electric grid target into state law, we are providing a critical direction for state and local agencies, utility companies, and other partners as we collectively plan and implement Connecticut’s energy policies over the coming years,” Governor Lamont said. “Committing Connecticut to a 100% zero-carbon electricity supply by 2040 not only will have a positive impact on improving our air quality, but it will also support the growth of clean energy jobs. This is an important action we are taking to help mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis that we are already starting to experience. I thank the Connecticut General Assembly for their bipartisan support of our administration’s climate change goals. I also applaud Senator Norm Needleman and Representative David Arconti, co-chairs of the Energy and Technology Committee, as well as the committee’s ranking members, Senator Paul Formica and Representative Charles Ferraro, for their support in getting this legislation approved. I look forward to signing this bill.”

Governor Lamont noted that this legislation complements similar efforts in neighboring states, including Rhode Island, which established a zero-carbon goal by 2030, and New York, which established a similar goal by 2040.

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