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Governor Lamont Clarifies Order Requiring State Employees, Childcare, and School Staff To Get Vaccinated or Tested for COVID-19

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today issued Executive Order No. 13G, which replaces and clarifies his previous Executive Order No. 13D. The order does not change the substance or timelines of the previous order and still requires that all Connecticut state employees and staff of all childcare facilities and preK-12 schools statewide receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 27, 2021. Those who do not get vaccinated due to certain exemptions will be required to test for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. However, state hospital and long-term care employees do not have the option of testing in lieu of vaccination.

Executive Order No. 13G clarifies that state hospital and long-term care employees include any person who is employed by or provides any services in the following facilities:

  • Albert J. Solnit Center South
  • Whiting Forensic Hospital
  • John Dempsey Hospital
  • Connecticut Valley Hospital
  • Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services facilities

The order applies to all state employees and contract workers who regularly visit these hospitals or long-term care facilities as defined in Executive Order No. 13F.

In addition, the order also clarifies contractors’ obligation to verify the vaccination and testing status of the workers that they provide to state agencies, school boards, or childcare facilities.

**Download: Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 13G

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