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Governor Lamont Appointed Co-Chair of National Governors Association’s Pandemic and Disaster Response Task Force

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has been appointed co-chair of the National Governors Association’s (NGA) Pandemic and Disaster Response Task Force. It is one of three task forces that are being created by the organization to coordinate and lead bipartisan state and territorial efforts to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to lead economic recovery and community renewal efforts.

The task forces, which replace committees, will foster a more nimble response to the ongoing public health, economic, and human services challenges related to COVID-19, as well as to focus NGA’s federal advocacy efforts on governors’ top priorities now and in the future.

“I want to thank NGA Chairman Andrew Cuomo for this important responsibility,” Governor Lamont said. “Our state was hit early and hit hard by this pandemic. Throughout this unprecedented crisis, I have worked with my neighboring governors to ensure our responses were coordinated. Our state has provided leadership and ingenuity, as we know our approach saved lives. Our public health professionals set up nation-leading testing and contact tracing infrastructure, which have assisted in our response to the coronavirus pandemic. We also worked with our federal partners as we responded to multiple severe weather events, and I am eager to exchange ideas and best practices with my fellow governors.”

The NGA’s three new task forces are:

  • Pandemic and Disaster Response: Co-chaired by Governor Ned Lamont (Connecticut) and Governor Bill Lee (Tennessee). Issues include Federal Emergency Management administration (FEMA), National Guard, cybersecurity, health care, and COVID-19 (e.g. testing, vaccines, supply chain and personal protective equipment).
  • Economic Recovery and Revitalization: Co-chaired by Governor Henry McMaster (South Carolina) and Governor Andy Beshear (Kentucky). Issues include infrastructure, state stabilization, energy, environment, land management and taxes.
  • Community Renewal: Co-chaired by Governor Albert Bryan (U.S. Virgin Islands) and Governor Mike Parson (Missouri). Issues include workforce, nutrition, education, criminal justice, agriculture and broadband.

The new task forces will work with NGA’s nine-member Executive Committee, which oversees the association’s operations on behalf of the entire membership.

Founded in 1908, the NGA serves as the voice of the leaders of 55 states, territories, and commonwealths. Through the NGA, the nation’s governors identify priority issues and deal with matters of public policy and governance at the state, national and global levels.

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