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Governor Lamont Activates Connecticut National Guard, Announces Deployment of Teams to Assist in Power Restoration

Route Clearance Teams Will Support Authorities in the Removal of Large Debris from Roadways

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that as the state continues to recover from the impact of Tropical Storm Isaias, he has activated the Connecticut National Guard and approved the deployment of teams to assist utility companies in the ongoing statewide power restoration efforts.

The initial phase of the deployment will involve four route clearance teams that will support state and local authorities in the removal of large debris blocking roadways. Each team consists of three vehicles, including an excavator, and seven personnel. In the initial stages, two teams will support United Illuminating and two teams will support Eversource. Additional teams may be added in the coming days. Connecticut Army and Air National Guard assets are being utilized to support these route clearance efforts.

“The Connecticut National Guard has been a major component in our efforts to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in our state, and now we’re also calling on their service to help our residents out following another major weather event,” Governor Lamont said. “We continue to work with our municipal counterparts to help ensure they have what they need to restore power and clear our roadways.”

“Connecticut National Guardsmen aren’t just Soldiers and Airmen – the overwhelming majority are Connecticut residents,” Major General Fran Evon, Adjutant General and Commander of the Connecticut National Guard, said. “When called out to support in a time of need, we aren’t just performing a mission, we’re helping our families, our neighbors, our coworkers and our friends. We are proud to train for missions just like this in an effort to remain always ready and always there to support our fellow residents during times of need.”

The soldiers and airmen of the Connecticut National Guard have provided similar support during recent major weather events, including the May 2018 microbursts that severely affected towns in the southwestern portion of the state.

Yesterday, Governor Lamont declared a state of emergency in response to the tropical storm.

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