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Statement from Governor Lamont's Office on Infrastructure Investments

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont’s Senior Advisor Colleen Flanagan Johnson today released the following statement regarding the importance of investing in Connecticut’s infrastructure:

“There is no question that our transportation system is a mess. A broad coalition of local, business, labor and legislative leaders all agree that we need a reliable, sustainable path forward for Connecticut. We rank near dead last in the nation for the condition of our infrastructure. But the people who attended today’s rally aren’t saying no to tolls. They’re saying yes to excessive borrowing on the state’s already maxed out credit card. They’re saying yes to saddling future generations in this state with debt we can’t afford. And they’re saying yes to an unsustainable and reckless fiscal policy. We are at a crossroads, and if we don’t fix our transportation system now, our economy will continue to lag for decades to come.”

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