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Statement From Governor Lamont’s Office

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont’s Director of Communications Maribel La Luz today released the following statement:

“What’s ironic but not surprising is that someone who claims to be a fiscal hawk like Senator Fasano is actually an evangelist for binge borrowing that devastates our state’s taxpayers and saddles generations to come. If Senator Fasano spent half as much time developing an honest revenue and spending plan rather than legislating via press release, we might all be able to come together and move our state forward. What would actually destroy the governor’s Debt Diet is Senator Fasano’s $11.2 billion transportation loan that forces Connecticut residents to foot 100 percent of the bill. These cheap shots from the sidelines are straight out of Senator Fasano’s tired playbook. What we’d really like to see is his budget book.”

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