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ICYMI: Poll Shows Majority Support for Adopting Tolls to Upgrade Aging Infrastructure

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont’s Senior Advisor Colleen Flanagan Johnson issued the following statement correcting misinformation and reminding Republicans who claim “90 percent are opposed to tolls,” that actually a majority of Connecticut residents polled by Sacred Heart University in March are likely to support tolling when they learn that funds generated will be protected by the lockbox:

“Let’s be clear about the facts in this debate. The majority of Connecticut residents – over 50 percent – likely support tolling when they learn that the funds generated will be subject to protections, such as the state transportation lockbox, as approved by Connecticut voters, as well as federal law that mandates use on transportation infrastructure only. These facts show the need for Connecticut to move forward with a sustainable, reliable, and protected revenue source – 40 percent of which will be paid for by people who don’t even live in our state – to make the upgrades and enhancements necessary to support Connecticut’s economic growth. Sacred Heart’s poll confirmed what we already knew: Governor Lamont’s plan has broad support and is growing more every day – from residents, labor, business, and elected officials – and our state’s residents categorically reject the Republican plan, which calls for more borrowing paid for entirely by Connecticut’s future generations.”

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