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Governor Lamont Statement on Finance Committee Revenue Proposal

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today released the following statement regarding the revenue package proposed by the Finance Committee:

“I appreciate the areas of intersection between my budget and the Finance Committee’s spending package, and look forward to beginning negotiations with them on the areas on which we aren’t aligned. But I do so with the following in mind: The markets have spoken and we need to heed their warnings. Connecticut cannot bond its way to prosperity. It’s the same reason why the Republicans’ Prioritize Borrowing plan is nothing more than a band-aid on our state’s gaping wound due to years of borrowing without an adequate funding source to foot the bill – a funding source that is not 100 percent on the backs of our taxpayers. Our Debt Diet was reviewed favorably by the ratings agencies and resulted in an outlook upgrade. What the markets – and businesses – are telling us is clear: Cut back on the borrowing while maintaining our state’s infrastructure, get the state on firmer fiscal footing, focus on a reliable, sustainable solution for transportation investment, and get the state growing again.”

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