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Statement from Governor Lamont’s Office Regarding the Republicans’ Prioritize Borrowing Proposal

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont’s Senior Advisor Colleen Flanagan Johnson released the following statement regarding legislative Republicans’ “Prioritize Borrowing” proposal:

“Republicans and Democrats agree – our state’s transportation infrastructure is a mess, and it’s negatively impacting our economic growth and development. But where we differ is how to solve for it. The Republicans want to take out a massive loan that the state cannot afford – to the tune of $11.2 billion – and are asking you and your kids and grandkids to pay 100 percent of the principal and interest. The Democrats’ plan focuses on a reliable, sustainable revenue source, 40 percent of which will be paid for by out-of-state drivers, and offers discounts to in-state drivers, as well as ways to mitigate the impact on low-income individuals and families. We’ve heard of the ‘Bridge to Nowhere,’ but ‘Prioritize Borrowing,’ in reality, represents the ‘Highway to Hell.’”

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