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Governor Lamont Launches Statewide Performance and Results Agenda

Calls for Data and Results-Driven Government at First Cabinet Meeting

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today convened the first cabinet meeting of his administration, where he announced his vision to implement a data-driven state government that is user-friendly, cost-effective, data-informed, and results-driven. The effort includes the deployment of a new, cross-agency performance management system that will bring private-sector discipline and customer focus to the mission of government.

“As a CEO, my teams used data to help build better, more efficient and more responsive experiences for our customers, and state government should be no different,” Governor Lamont said. “We’re bringing state government into the 21st century with our technology, but our processes and data collection must keep pace. It’s my goal to make Connecticut one of the nation’s most cost-efficient, data-informed, results-driven states. Taxpayers deserve it and businesses expect it.”

Housed within the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) and managed in close collaboration with the Office of the Governor, the performance management system will introduce clear priorities and align agency efforts around: jobs and the economy, child and family success, transportation, and community vitality. The performance agenda will also include:

  • Streamlining digital services: Whether renewing a driver’s license, enrolling in programs, or starting a business, Connecticut residents interact with the state in many ways. Modernizing digital services will mean simple web-based interactions online will begin to replace redundant requests and standing in line.
  • Linking data to generate cost-saving policy lessons: Homeless individuals with severe mental health challenges can revolve in and out of jails and emergency rooms with unfortunate results and at high cost to the state. By linking jail and emergency room data, the state can reveal the portion of homeless population for which supportive housing would yield savings to the state and better results for our most vulnerable.
  • Cross-agency collaboration to improve results: Low-income parents face common barriers to completing training programs that increase economic self-sufficiency. By working together, agencies can align childcare, housing and transportation supports with state workforce programs so families can overcome barriers and the state can reduce long-term subsidy.

Governor Lamont has appointed David Wilkinson as Chief Performance Officer to oversee the cross agency initiative. In that position, he will work to advance cross-agency data sharing that increase efficiencies and generate value. He will report to the state’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Mounds and OPM Secretary Melissa McCaw, and also collaborate closely with Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Josh Geballe to help manage state digital transformation efforts that will make state digital services easier to use. Wilkinson most recently served he served as commissioner of the state’s Office of Early Childhood and before that as Director of the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation under President Barack Obama.

“We can go further and faster when we row together,” Mounds said. “We will work closely with commissioners to develop measurable goals, forge cross-agency partnerships, and clear a path to success. By focusing on results and reducing redundancy, we better honor the work of our dedicated state workforce and ultimately, our residents’ taxpayer dollars.”

“It is an honor to serve a governor so committed to making government work better for everyone,” Wilkinson said. “I look forward to rolling up my sleeves alongside his terrific team to achieve measurably better results for the public dollar, identify opportunities for savings, and move the needle on the state’s biggest priorities.”

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