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Gov. Lamont on Committee Passage of Bill to Support Transportation Infrastructure Investment: To Get Connecticut Growing Again, We Have to Get Connecticut Moving Again

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today released the following statement after the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee voted to approve his transportation infrastructure investment bill:

“The Connecticut of tomorrow has faster rail service into and out of New York City, connecting to Hartford, Boston, and points beyond. It has highways that move goods and people seamlessly and without endless congestion or deteriorating bridges. It has enhanced airports with more frequent and extensive service and ports that serve Connecticut’s people and its commerce. And it’s the kind of place that people want to raise their families, and businesses want to locate in and grow.

“But that vision of our state is at risk if we don’t have the same dialogue that 34 states in the country, including all of the other states along the Eastern Seaboard, have had. A reliable, sustainable revenue source – 40 percent of which will be paid for by people who don’t even live here – is necessary to make the infrastructure investment we need to get our state growing again. My plan includes discounts for Connecticut EZ-Pass holders and frequent commuters and assistance for low-income individuals and families, as well. Simply put, a 21st century economy cannot be supported by a 20th century transportation system.

“Borrowing billions of dollars while saddling our kids and grandkids with decades of debt isn’t a path forward. To get Connecticut back on track, we need a debt diet, not a bonding binge, as supported by comments from S&P Global Ratings credit analyst David Hitchcock just yesterday. I look forward to continuing this critical conversation with residents, elected officials, and labor and business leaders in the weeks ahead. To get Connecticut growing again, we have to get Connecticut moving again.”

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