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Gov. Lamont Announces Proposals to Make Government Smarter, More Responsive to Residents, and More Engaged With the Private Sector

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he will be submitting a series of legislative proposals aimed at making state government smarter, more responsive to the needs of residents, and more engaged with the private sector. The proposals, which will be included in the series of bills the governor is planning to submit to the legislature by February 20, are the result of conversations Governor Lamont has had with Connecticut residents as he campaigned for office over the past 18 months.

“State government should be reflective of the needs of its residents and it’s my intention to do so while bringing Connecticut state government into the 21st century,” Governor Lamont said. “These proposals are reflective of concerns raised by residents to help simplify their lives and cut down on the hassle of accessing certain services, and I’m pleased to be able to help address them. In addition, I’m proud to introduce a bill that will make it easier for state agencies to form a public-private partnership with private entities in support of economic development and job creation. Residents have already seen the way in which my administration engages with the private sector, and I want to ensure we continue these types of partnerships across state government.”

The proposals include:

  • Simplifying residents’ experience with the DMV: Governor Lamont’s proposal will extend the time between driver’s license renewals from six years to eight years, and the time between registrations from two years to three years. In addition, he will work to thoughtfully implement an option for residents to “skip a trip” between renewals by renewing their license online. These initiatives will cut down on residents’ trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and help to shorten the wait time when they do need to visit the DMV.

  • Streamlining partnerships between state agencies and the private sector: Governor Lamont’s proposal will expand the number agencies able to participate in public-private partnerships – and cut down on red tape around these partnerships – in support of economic development and job creation. For example, a public-private partnership between the Department of Transportation and private industry could help spur transit-oriented development along CTfastrak and the Hartford Line; help develop new rail stations in Orange and on the Hartford Line; expand parking capacity and support bridge upgrades and replacements, among other projects.

  • Making it easier to participate in the electoral process: Working closely with Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Governor Lamont’s proposal would allow for high school and college credit for volunteering during and before local elections to help increase the number of available election workers; make Election Day a holiday in a cost-neutral way by swapping it with another current state holiday; increase the use of technology to make voter registration faster and easier; decrease wait time on Election Day by increasing the number of available same-day registration locations and; enable the electronic delivery of writs of special election.

“At a time when we hope to get more people involved in the electoral process, these proposals will help our system function more seamlessly and with less hassle, and encourage more people to vote by making Election Day a cost-neutral state holiday,” Governor Lamont said. “Denise Merrill has been a leader on these issues for years, and I’m excited to be working with her.”

“Connecticut citizens deserve the best run elections in the United States,” Secretary Merrill said. “I’m happy that Governor Lamont has lent his voice to this effort, and I know that we are both committed to ensuring that every eligible person in Connecticut can easily register, and every registered voter can conveniently vote.”

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