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Gov.-Elect Lamont Appoints State Sen. Tim Larson to Office of Higher Education

(NEW HAVEN, CT) – Governor-elect Ned Lamont today announced that he has nominated State Senator Tim Larson to lead the Office of Higher Education, which administers state financial aid programs, oversees the licensure and accreditation of the state’s independent colleges and universities, and regulates more than 150 postsecondary career schools. Larson will complete his current term as a state senator, but will resign his member-elect status and will not be sworn in to a new term in the Connecticut State Senate.

“Tim is a natural relationship builder and someone who can connect the dots between our state’s independent colleges and universities and postsecondary career schools and the business community in which we want graduates to find gainful employment,” said Lamont. “I’m looking to him to help create a pipeline between these institutions and the industries that are looking for qualified, local applicants. In addition, I have asked him to broaden the industries with which these institutions typically partner, as we seek to enhance our state’s economic growth and development and keep our graduates right here in Connecticut.”

“This is an exciting opportunity which allows me to leverage my experience and relationships as an elected official and my current role as Executive Director of Tweed New Haven Airport Authority to help further develop job paths and opportunities for students enrolled in our independent colleges and universities and postsecondary career schools,” said Larson. “Governor-elect Lamont’s administration is committed to broadening the opportunity for graduates of our state’s institutions, and I am looking forward to working with these institutions’ leaders, as well as with business and community leaders, to ensure we keep talent right here in Connecticut.”

Larson is currently the State Senator representing East Hartford, East Windsor, Ellington and South Windsor and the Executive Director of the Tweed New Haven Regional Airport Authority for the last 10 years. In the Senate, Larson worked to help United Technologies Corp. upgrade and expand its aerospace research and manufacturing facilities across the state. In addition, Larson helped create the Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund for targeted industries to expand facilities and develop new products. In addition, Larson instituted the Manufacturing Reinvestment Account program to help small manufacturers fund capital investments and train their workforce. Prior to his time in the legislature, Larson was the Mayor of East Hartford and was the President of Larson & Lysik Insurance, Inc.

Larson will begin serving as the Director-designate on January 9, 2019, and his nomination will be sent to the General Assembly for its advice and consent.

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