Governor Lamont’s 5G Fast-Track Plan

Empowering Connecticut Through Secure and Reliable Technology



“Access to Ultra-Fast Internet Speeds is Critical to our Economic Future. I Want Connecticut to be Ahead of the Curve.”

Governor Ned Lamont
State of Connecticut

Future-Proofing Connecticut

Connecticut is dedicated to keeping its citizens connected, its businesses growing, and its economy thriving. To do this, we need a strong backbone of technology that will serve us now and secure us for the future.


5G is a wireless technology that will radically improve internet access in the state, particularly in rural and under-served areas. Our responsible investment in the 5G platform will level the playing field for residents and pave the way for practical innovation.


Tweet from Governor Lamont


Powerful Infrastructure, Less Red Tape

One of the hurdles to this kind of investment is the need to position communications equipment on state land. In the past, when wireless carriers requested access, the process could take many months (or years). And it was riddled with red tape


This handcuffed our ability to best serve our communities.


That's why Governor Lamont signed landmark legislation that streamlines the equipment siting process. Wireless carriers will now get a fair and timely decision to their request in 90 days or less