Switch from using VAMS to report COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to using CT WiZ (data entry or EHR):


The benefits of CT WiZ include: 

  • Your patient’s complete, consolidated record containing all shots received at providers across Connecticut is available to you for clinical decision support.
  • Your patient’s complete, consolidated immunization record is available to them through the CT WiZ public portal, for self-service access. This means patients and parents of minors can access their records when needed for school, camp, travel, etc. online within minutes!
  • Report to CT WiZ directly from your EHR and manage your vaccine inventory in one system.
  • Run numerous reports, including reports to support inventory management and patient reminder recall, and more!
  • Clinics can request the switch by submitting a helpdesk ticket and selecting Immunizations (CT WiZ) – Clinic Administration – VAMS to CT WiZ. Please include your PIN and expected date of the switch.
  • DPH will schedule a call to review the process.